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The Gorgeous Three

Quick Details

Adult canyon tour _WINTER 13+ years old
Child 3 canyon_WINTER Under 12 years old

Join us on a three canyon excursion

This tour will take you through three very different stunning slot canyons of The Navajo Nation, showcasing its unique geology and diverse plant and animal life.

We will visit Rattlesnake, Owl and Mountain Sheep Slot Canyons, which is a combination of the other two tour packages offered. These are off the beaten path trails, lesser known gorges, with a slightly more strenuous hike – which leads to a more private experience than other slot canyon tours in the area. The canyons are known for their distinctive, undulating walls and its rich, varied colors. It is a popular destination for hikers and photographers, who come to explore its winding corridors and capture its beauty on camera.

As you make your way through the canyons, you’ll be surrounded by towering red rock cliffs and winding sandstones. Keep an eye out for native plants such as yucca, cactus, and sagebrush, as well as a variety of animals including lizards, snakes, and birds of prey.

As you explore the canyons, your Navajo guide will provide you with fascinating information about the history and geology of the area. You’ll learn about the Navajo culture that inhabits the area as well as the geologic processes that shaped it over millions of years.

This walking tour is recommended for moderate hikers, and we will take frequent breaks to catch your breath and hydrate. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and sun protection!
Overall, this tour offers the perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and history, making it an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves the outdoors.